Friday, January 25, 2013

Breaking the two party paradigm.

The best way way to get rid of a broken system is to replace it with one that's better. So I did.
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The two party concept is distructive to politics and public discourse, it's a monopolization of political views. It describes everyone as just being a republican or democrat, which leads people to believe that they have to support one candidate over the other because the other one is worse. Even if that candidate doesn't really fit with your interest or political views. It also gives the appearence of making two candidates who are very much alike seem different, because you have nothing else to compare them to.

The saying goes, voting for the lesser of two evils is still supporting evil. How can anything get better if we're stuck with such limited choices and limited thoughts.

Edit: I just found a wonderful video that does a pretty good job of breaking down this issue, though he says the issue is "Collectivism" I think that's only because he's blended it with centralization of power, where as I've separated the two because you need a little bit of collectivism to balence out individualism for the sake of society. Where as centralization of power is noticably more destructive.

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